Songs and emotions..

It is okay to have a big cry. I did. let your tears out. a proper cry. not let it bottle up inside you.

Some times, it feels good to let it out (i hear a small voice singing “Go let it out, she go let it in” – For those who don’t know this song, it is sung by a british band called Oasis.  Whom I really loved when I was a kid.)

See this link:


I hate crying.  It makes me feel so weak.  But that is what makes us human.

Cry cry… reminds me of another song.  A hindi song from the bollywood film “Jhoota Hi Sahi” , music director is the brilliant A. R . Rahman!  


Rotey kaaye ko hum hey
Rotey kaaye ko hum
Hona hai jo ho, sad hote kaaye ko hum

Cry cry itna cry karte hain kaaye ko
Itna darrte hain kaaye ko
Pal pal marrte kaaye ko..

See link: with subtitles :

The song is pretty much asking why do we cry?  Why am I crying?  Why am i sad?  Why am I scared?  

Beautiful track all the same.

Cheer up guys.  It’s not the end of the world.  Even though sometimes it feels like that xImage




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